Introducing the new Antelope Valley Events site…..

Welcome to the new Antelope Valley Events community website. We are in the process of developing content and establishing ways for people to stay informed and connected. Be a part of our successful outreach!

Inform, Engage, Connect

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There are times to focus on what separates us and times to focus on what unifies us. The Antelope Valley is  a thriving community made up of hundreds of diverse groups, each with a unique goal, mission, or special interest,  but all sharing one concern: enhancing  quality of life. This site, Antelope Valley Events is dedicated to what unifies us. It is a free way to inform, engage and connect Antelope Valley residents with  events that will enrich and empower.

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Our first featured event is the Stepping Forward Conference in May 12, 2009.  Read more about it and help spread the word. Let’s take steps together to help local businesses and area workforce come together in new and more effective ways.

To submit  an event to be included on this site, please e-mail us at:or call M-Powered Marketing Solutions, 661-722-8341.

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